Bhavan’s Public School-Al Wakra

Qatar, Al Wakrah, Al Wakra, Al Wakrah, Qatar, Al Wakrah, Qatar
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  • Indian
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School ID: 6271
  • International Schools
  • School Classifications
  • Indian
  • Curriculum
  • Mixed
  • Gender


Bhavan’s Public School is managed by the Al Misnad Education Centre. It is a part of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, a premier educational institution in India.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan was founded in 1938 by Dr. KM Munshi, a far-sighted visionary and a practical idealist. He was also one of the chief members of India’s Constituent Assembly. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is running over 400 schools in India and 10 International Schools in UK, USA, Singapore, South Africa, Portugal and in the Gulf Council Countries (GCC).

The Bhavan’s Public School, is a private English medium school with CBSE curriculum under the license from the Supreme Education Council, State of Qatar. Quality education is the hallmark of the school. school’s pedagogy of education has four pillars -learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be. e students are nurtured with care under proficiently trained and experienced faculty. school aims for higher standards of academic excellence.

The child centered approach ensures all round personality development of each learner in the school. Focused efforts are maneuvered towards inculcating good values and to build strong character. school has well-equipped laboratory and other facilities for the development of the students.


The school aims to provide quality and effective education for overall personality development along with intellectual, physical and emotional development of students and the emphasis is on inculcating moral values and scientific knowledge among them.

The aims are:

  1. To impart knowledge.
  2. To develop self-awareness, a positive self image and confidence to take advantage of the dynamic opportunities.
  3. To develop their talent’s and personality.
  4. To comprehend information and communicate effectively.
  5. To promote good health and physical development of the students.
  6. To increase awareness and understanding of the environmental issues and to encourage a sense of personal responsibility on a local and global scale.
  7. To develop logical thinking and scientific aptitude.
  8. To facilitate creativity and excellence.


The Objectives are:

  1. To cope with the dynamic development of science and technology.
  2. To develop, nurture and appreciate aesthetic abilities.
  3. To maintain hygiene and health.
  4. To strengthen a value based approach in life.
  5. To meet emerging global challenges and to nurture talents in sports.
  6. To discover and develop talents in students through interactive and
  • Address Al Wakrah, Qatar
  • City Al Wakrah
  • Area Al Wakra
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 6271
  • School Classifications: International Schools
  • School Levels: Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Language: English
  • AVG Nursery Monthly Fees: Not Available
  • Grade/Year 1 Fees: 6456 Qr
  • Grade/Year 2 Fees: 6456 Qr
  • Grade/Year 3 Fees: 6456 Qr
  • Grade/Year 4 Fees: 6456 Qr
  • Grade/Year 5 Fees: 7449 Qr
  • Grade/Year 6 Fees: 7449 Qr
  • Grade/Year 7 Fees: 7518 Qr
  • Grade/Year 8 Fees: 7518 Qr
  • Grade/Year 9 Fees: 7518 Qr
  • Grade/Year 10 Fees: 2840 Qr
  • Grade/Year 11 Fees: 2840 Qr
  • Grade/Year 12 Fees: 2840 Qr
  • Transportation Fees: 250 Qr


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