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School ID: 6273
  • Community Schools
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That the present education system is hardly adequate to equip the students to face the challenges of a fast changing modern world is an undeniable fact. M.E.S Qatar was convinced that radical changes have to be effected in the teaching methodology and course contents so that the system of education is not merely information based but value oriented, formulated to bring about transformation and maturity in the personality of the students.

Thus in 1974, M.E.S Qatar started the M. E. S Indian School of Doha, to rejuvenate the existing education system. The school, recognized by the Ministry of Education, State of Qatar and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, is one of the premier educational institutions in the Gulf. The school has attained unparalleled status and stability in Doha with its own campus. It is gratifying to note that the school stands as a symbol of excellence, fulfilling the dreams of its founding fathers.

The staff comprising 470 teaching and 270 non-teaching staff including transport section not only fulfill the academic needs of the students but also take care of the all-round development of their personality.

The school’s Faculty Improvement Programmes enables teachers to keep themselves abreast of the new developments in educational technology. They periodically attend workshops, seminars, conferences etc, organized by NCERT, C.B.S.E., Gulf Council and local educational agencies.

MES is the first Indian expatriate school in Qatar to launch e-learning project. The e-learning system is facilitated by interactive class rooms supported with interactive Smart boards, projectors, computers and ICT.

M.E.S expanded its academic horizon by launching an internationally benchmarked global curriculum CBSE-i in the year 2010. This focuses on interactive and participative pedagogy that is learner friendly, skill based and stress free. Further it caters to individual learning style, deemphasizing rote learning, promoting, thinking and analytical skills. An ideal student teacher ratio is maintained with maximum student strength of 25 in all CBSE-i class rooms. The school has introduced this new curriculum to equip learners to face global challenges.

There is a healthy and congenial environment on the campus. It provides spacious classrooms, floodlit playgrounds, swimming pool and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Home Science laboratories and Engineering Drawing Workshop for students. All steps are taken to ensure that the school curriculum caters for the needs of the pupils and to equip them adequately to face the challenges ahead with due importance to our traditional , cultural and spiritual values. All these aim at supplementing the academic progress and all-round development of the students by giving importance to curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. In order to instill spiritual values in students, teachers specially trained in Quran and Islamic studies hold classes for Muslim boys and girls throughout the year. Special coaching in Karate, Athletics, Basketball, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball etc., is given in the afternoons by experts in the fields concerned.


  • City Al Rayyan
  • Area Mesaimeer
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 6273
  • School Classifications: Community Schools
  • School Levels: Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Language: Hindi
  • Grade/Year 1 Fees: 4555 Qr
  • Grade/Year 2 Fees: 4555 QR
  • Grade/Year 3 Fees: 4555 QR
  • Grade/Year 4 Fees: 4800 QR
  • Grade/Year 5 Fees: 4800 QR
  • Grade/Year 6 Fees: 4800 QR
  • Grade/Year 7 Fees: 4800 QR
  • Grade/Year 8 Fees: 4800 QR
  • Grade/Year 9 Fees: 5800 QR
  • Grade/Year 10 Fees: 5800 QR
  • Grade/Year 11 Fees: 7900 QR
  • Grade/Year 12 Fees: 7900 QR
  • Transportation Fees: Inside Doha 2500 QR, Outside Doha 3500 QR


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