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How to register my school on your website?

All schools registered on our website are submitted and reviewed manually, in order to add your school please click on Add your School link, and one of our moderators will contact you.

How to update my school profile on your website?

To update your school profile, you have to login using your username and password sent to you via your email registered on our website, using the Login Link.

How to add/update my school contact details?

In order to add the school contact details, after you login please click on My Profile icon in the upper menu.

In this section you have to add the information of the School Admin, who is responsible for the admission in your school, and the school contact details, as follows:

 Upload School Logo Here, this logo appears below the school information box (mentioned in the following question), and when visitors click on the logo it redirects to school full contact details. 
 Your username is fixed and cannot be changed, this you will use when you want to log in to the website 
 Add the School Admission email, that parents can contact the school to register their children 
 Then add the School Admin details, including First Name, Last Name, Title and Department to make it easier of the parents to contact the concerned person in the school. 
 Add all the required contact details for parents to contact the school, write the School Address in details, and mention the Area, and the PO Box number, also fill the form with the admission school number and mobile if available. 
Use the More box to add more information about the school like more phone numbers, emails or other direct way of communication.

You can preview the profile before publishing when you click the View Public Profile button, then click on Update Profile to appear online

 In the Social Media section you can add all available social media channels of your school, for parents to connect with you easily 
 If you decided to change your password, use the change password sections, type your old new password, and your new password then confirm it 

How to add/update my school information?

 In order to add the school information, after you login please click on My Profile  icon in the upper menu, then go to My School  in the left hand side menu.In this section you will find your school name where you can edit and add your school details and information 
Go the Action button:

Click Edit My School to add/edit your school details.

Click on School Fees to add/edit your school fees details.

 About my school section will appear:

School Name : Add/Edit your school name is the School Name box (School name is mandatory)

About: Add some information about your school in this box

You can use the Save as Draft button at any step in case you want to save the school profile without publishing.


Select the school classification from the drop down list.


Select list of school level from the drop down list.

 Admission status:

Please choose the admission status of your school.

PS: It is important to update the status according to current situation.


Select the facilities of your school, the selected facilities will be searchable in the advances search bar.

PS: In case you need to add more facilities, please email us on [email protected]

 Photo Gallery:

Upload the schools photos (form your drive) for the gallery to appear on the header of the school profile.

To choose the default image of the gallery click on the star

 School Details:

Please fill the details of the school

Curriculum, Gender (please choose Boys , Girls or Mixed), Accreditation, Languages, Year Built, Video Url.

 Additional Details:

In case you want to add more details about the school, you can use the additional details

click on the x button to delete the un needed field, and Add New button to add new detail.

 School Fees:

This section is essential so please be sure to fill it with as much details as possible,

School Fees:

Add your school fees here:

School Year, Tuition Fees, Classroom image (you can upload an image of one of the classrooms), Books Fees and Bus Fees, Remarks.

 After you finish the details please click on Submit My School button.