Arab International Academy

  • AVG Fees QR47,314/Year
Qatar, Doha, Al Sadd, Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar, Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar
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Arab International Academy

Qatar, Doha, Al Sadd, Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar, Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar
  • AVG Fees QR47,314/Year


School ID: 32263
  • International Schools
  • School Classifications
  • British
  • Curriculum
  • Mixed
  • Gender
  • English
  • Language


The Arab International Academy was founded in Doha, Qatar in 2015 with the goal of establishing a high level private international school, that provides a challenging and well-rounded international educational experience. To achieve that goal, we have drawn on the very best of international thinking in our choice of curriculum and approaches to 21st century teaching and learning. AIA is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme, Diploma Programme and pursuing authorization as an IB World School.

The Arab International Academy (AIA) aspires to contribute to raising the next generation of informed citizens who can comfortably and confidently adapt to an ever-changing world. All AIA graduates will possess the necessary skills and abilities to lift communities up and address challenges while taking on the responsibility of being the stewards of the preservation and advancement of their own culture and civilization. Indeed, they will understand and engage with the culture and civilization of others, and interact with others on the basis of equality.

The Arab International Academy works to provide students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that focuses on the integration of disciplines that are rich and challenging. The learning and teaching methodologies used encourage creative exploration, critical thinking, and responsible behavior. The environment equips students with the tools they need to engage with the complex and interdependent world around them in a productive manner whether at the individual or whole community level. In order to facilitate this integration, students at AIA start learning both languages, Arabic and English, in the KG. As they progress, in addition to Arabic and English, they will be learning French as a third language.

AIA also focuses on creating a strong understanding of the social sciences. Beyond simply understanding the society around them better, this focus enables students to form a strong personal identity that is drawn from a deep and informed perspective of history that embraces their place in society while equally understanding and respecting the society of others. To that end, AIA has authored a world history curriculum for grades 5 to 12 that will be taught in English and Arabic.

Moreover, for students who have moved to Qatar, the Academy provides special individual and group support programs to assist students in their transition.
As part of the interdisciplinary curriculum and focus on social emotional development, the facilities of AIA schools also encourage students to test their skills and capacities in the field of physical fitness and sports. This is achieved through providing the most advanced and diverse sports facilities and programs. Parallel to sports, AIA also encourages students to express, refine, and elevate their artistic talents. AIA schools strive to develop self-confidence and integrity of all members of the school community in addition to a deepening awareness of intellectual and cultural diversity in society, the importance of environmental preservation and sustainability, and the effect of service to society all as important components of giving meaning to life. The schools work at a fundamental level on nurturing the love for knowledge and learning among students.

The Arab International Academy strives to develop distinct qualities and abilities in every generation of graduates through:

Engendering a love and practice of learning that will follow students throughout their lives as they seek to discover the mysteries and to overcome the challenges of the world around them.
Preparing leaders with high morals and integrity who are characterized by the ability to respect the opinion of others, resolve conflicts cooperatively and through collective efforts, appreciate community service and inspire others to be attentive to public issues.
Developing the capacity of students to become critical thinkers and positive risk takers that creatively and innovatively evaluate fact-based issues.
Advancing students’ capabilities in effective communication by enabling them to master their native and second languages, and through developing their writing and problem-solving skills.
Empowering students to understand Information Technology and to use it as an effective tool.
Nurturing artistic awareness among students in order to broaden their horizons, elevate their imagination, and sharpen their ability to view the world in different ways.
Enhancing students’ interest in sports and its importance for promoting good physical and mental health.
Nurturing the sense of responsibility students feel toward the preservation of the environment.

  • Address Al Ghadeeriyat St, Doha, Qatar
  • City Doha
  • Area Al Sadd
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 32263
  • Fees: AVG Fees QR47,314/Year
  • School Classifications: International Schools
  • School Levels: Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Curriculum : British
  • Language: English
  • AVG Nursery Monthly Fees: Not Available
  • Nursery Annual Fees: 35,296 QAR
  • AVG KG Annual Fees: 35000 Qr - 40000 Qr
  • AVG Primary Annual Fees: More than 40000 Qr
  • AVG Preparatory Annual Fees: More than 40000 Qr
  • AVG Secondary Annual Fees: More than 55000 Qr
  • KG1 Fees: 35,296 QAR
  • KG2 Fees: 35,296 QAR
  • Grade/Year 1 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 2 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 3 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 4 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 5 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 6 Fees: 41,776 QAR
  • Grade/Year 7 Fees: 47,488 QAR
  • Grade/Year 8 Fees: 47,488 QAR
  • Grade/Year 9 Fees: 47,488 QAR
  • Grade/Year 10 Fees: 54,465 QAR
  • Grade/Year 11 Fees: 54,465 QAR
  • Grade/Year 12 Fees: 54,465 QAR


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