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School ID: 6076
  • Kindergarten and Nurseries
  • School Classifications
  • Preschool
  • Curriculum
  • Mixed
  • Gender


Our Mission

At Fun First Nursery we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment within which each child is valued as an individual in his/her own right, each with different needs and expectations. Advancement will be achieved through structured play and planned experience together with creative play and first-hand experience.

Our Aims

At Fun First Nursery we believe in:

1- A caring atmosphere
2- Clean, bright surroundings
3- A well-structured environment with:
4- Qualified, experienced and dedicated staff
5- The very latest in educational equipment and supplies
6- Trained assistants and helpers to make your child’s every day a happy experience in a warm, nurturing environment.

Our Staff

All members of staff are professional child minders, teachers, and carers with many years experience in interacting with children. All were interviewed and chosen because of our belief in their expertise, their empathy towards children and their wish to nurture young minds. At Fun First Nursery we take great pride in the level of experience and expertise we provide both parent and child.
Just as the EYFS curriculum is ‘inclusive’ of all children irrespective of race, colour or creed so does our policy extend to our professional staff. We expect parents to respect our professional staff for ‘whom’ they are – not ‘what’ they are!


  • Area West Bay
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 6076
  • School Classifications: Kindergarten and Nurseries
  • School Levels: Nursery
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Language: English
  • AVG Nursery Monthly Fees: Not Available


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