International School Of London

Qatar, Al Daayen, Al Kheesa, Al Duhail North, Doha, Qatar, Al Duhail North, Doha, Qatar
Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary Admission Open
International School Of London
Qatar, Al Daayen, Al Kheesa, Al Duhail North, Doha, Qatar, Al Duhail North, Doha, Qatar


School ID: 5701
  • International Schools
  • School Classifications
  • British
  • Curriculum
  • Mixed
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The world and future for which we are preparing our students is more complex and more uncertain than ever before. It is apparent that, in the 21st century, ISL Qatar students will require more than just thinking skills and content knowledge; therefore, we also nurture passionate, committed learners who gain flexible life and career skills and who are able to navigate our global, interconnected, competitive information world.
Our approach to personalised learning enables our students to find their unique talent, encourages them to think critically and find solutions, and enables them to make informed moral judgements based on sound principles. Through the ISL Qatar pillars of Diversity ƒ?? Passion ƒ?? Identity ƒ?? Understanding, we develop key attributes such as courage, integrity, resilience and perseverance, by exposure to challenges in their experience of an ever-changing and often inequitable and ambiguous world.

The cornerstones of ISL Qatar learning are: our International Baccalaureate programmes; our inspirational culturally diverse staff; our unique languages course; our global citizenship programme; a caring and friendly atmosphere, a wide range of extra-curricular activities and a stunning campus. These elements combine to form an education that develops in our students the consciousness and competencies necessary for global engagement, personal values and the will to act; and ensures that our students are happy, secure, motivated and challenged.

Through our pastoral and social programme, students receive advice and guidance to help them through the sometimes difficult path to maturity and adulthood. We want our students to be the leaders of tomorrow committed to the ideals of peace, integrity, fairness and compassion. Our students are given a solid reference point based on deeply embedded principles that are learned through experiences and interactions with a diverse range of people from across the globe, gaining key skills and attributes such as, creativity, adaptability, valuing and embracing diversity, working collaboratively with others, and tolerating ambiguity ƒ?? all necessary for future success. Add this to the rich opportunities for academic, sporting, artistic and community endeavour, and you will find a unique and special learning community that welcomes students from across the globe. We take learning so seriously that we make it good fun! We hope you are able to visit our campus to experience a warm welcome and the friendly and purposeful atmosphere.

  • Address Al Duhail North, Doha, Qatar
  • City Al Daayen
  • Area Al Kheesa
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 5701
  • School Classifications: International Schools
  • School Levels: Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Language: English
  • AVG Nursery Monthly Fees: Not Available
  • Grade/Year 1 Fees: 52,091 QR
  • Grade/Year 2 Fees: 52,091 QR
  • Grade/Year 3 Fees: 52,091 QR
  • Grade/Year 4 Fees: 52,091 QR
  • Grade/Year 5 Fees: 52,091 QR
  • Grade/Year 6 Fees: 57,939 QR
  • Grade/Year 7 Fees: 57,939 QR
  • Grade/Year 8 Fees: 57,939 QR
  • Grade/Year 9 Fees: 64,958 QR
  • Grade/Year 10 Fees: 64,958 QR
  • Grade/Year 11 Fees: 74,314 QR
  • Grade/Year 12 Fees: 74,314 QR

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