Knowledge Icon KG

  • AVG Fees QR15,400/Year
Qatar, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour
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Knowledge Icon KG

Qatar, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour
  • AVG Fees QR15,400/Year


School ID: 32375
  • Kindergarten and Nurseries
  • School Classifications
  • American
  • Curriculum
  • Mixed
  • Gender
  • English
  • Language
  • 2020
  • Year Built


The Knowledge Icon Kindergarten was formed in 2019 with a Noble cause to bridge the gap of Quality Education in Qatar. The foundation of KIK is carefully set by the highly skilled and experienced educationalists and technocrats of diverse disciplines and regions to converge on a common cause. The vision and mission of the KIK are aligned in accordance with the strategy of Qatar’s Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MOEHE). The Educational infrastructure of KIK is set to fulfill the literacy demand of Qatar, which includes Academics, Islamic Education, the Quran, Soft skills, and Information Technology. Education is important and we believe that education should rely on an ethical and humanistic basis. Based on these values, our curriculum emphasizes on communication and world awareness to ensure that students apply their personal skills and knowledge in s more challenging and competitive world.


To be an outstanding children’s learning centre with an unparalleled educational experience. To nurture, inspire curious and creative gifted minds. Our goal is to spark a child’s interest in learning, thereby helping them to become life-long learners.

To prepare a creative child and enhance his unique personality along with his love for his religion and country while encouraging them to participate actively.
Providing an effective and safe educational learning environment.
Raise the level of community participation in the community and kindergarten.
The use of modern technology.
Raise the professional development of the teacher. Activating activities and providing the appropriate environment for the development of creative thinking in the child.
Integrate the personality of the child ethically, physically, psychologically, mentally, and socially.
Activate learning strategies within halls and employ technology.
Sustainable professional development of kindergarten staff.- Building confidence and self-reliance.


  • City Al Rayyan
  • Area Abu Hamour
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 32375
  • Fees: AVG Fees QR15,400/Year
  • School Classifications: Kindergarten and Nurseries
  • School Levels: Kindergarten
  • Gender: Mixed
  • Curriculum : American
  • Language: English
  • Nursery Annual Fees: 15,400 QAR
  • AVG KG Annual Fees: 10000 Qr - 15000 Qr
  • Preschool Fees: 15,400 QAR
  • KG1 Fees: 15,400 QAR
  • KG2 Fees: 15,400 QAR


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