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Al Arqam Academy for Girls- Abu Hamour

  • AVG Fees QR28,942/Year
Qatar, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour, 13 Haloul St, Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar, 413 Bu Hamour, District 94, Zone 56 street، Doha, Qatar
Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary Admission Open
Al Arqam Academy for Girls- Abu Hamour
Qatar, Al Rayyan, Abu Hamour, 13 Haloul St, Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar, 413 Bu Hamour, District 94, Zone 56 street، Doha, Qatar
  • AVG Fees QR28,942/Year


School ID: 5633
  • International Schools
  • School Classifications
  • British
  • Curriculum
  • Girls
  • Gender
  • English
  • Language


We are an educational institution teaching students from KG to IGCSE. Our curriculum includes a variety of subjects taught in English using a modified British curriculum with a strong emphasis on™ÿArabic and Quran. Our goal is to prepare students to face the ever changing and challenging world that we live in and to prepare them for successful entry into a University of their choice through attainment of the IGCSE
At the same time we instill in our students Islamic values and knowledge as well an understanding of the Holy Quran. We aim to build students skills, both academically and spiritually. An Al Arqam student should be positive, creative, productive, confident and proud of her Islamic heritage. and further qualifications
Our vision is to develop a unique generation of students; adherent to values, who positively contribute to a global society and are exceptional in all aspects of achievement.
Al Arqam Academy seeks to provide quality education based on Islamic values, creativity and critical thinking. Innovative techniques are used to maximize the individual strengths of students; enabling them to become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.
Our objective is to provide international standards and a comprehensive curriculum and educational system that incorporates aspects of local culture and identity.
1.To ensure that parents, students, school and the wider community are joined in a partnership of mutual respect.
2. To deliver quality education and prepare students for local and international university requirements.
3. To develop students social and educational skills so that they are able to obtain information, solve problems, think critically and communicate effectively. Encourage respect by building positive values, confidence and cooperation.
4. To foster a generation of students who are proud of their identity, adherent to values and morals and are responsible citizens.
5. To embrace and utilize cutting edge technological methods, ensuring the tools of success required in a rapidly changing world.
6. To develop leadership skills on both the administrative and teaching levels, within a framework of academic thinking and an educational vision.
7. To provide new buildings equipped with advanced labs meeting the needs and requirements of the curriculum.
  • Address 13 Haloul St, Al Maamoura, Doha, Qatar
  • City Al Rayyan
  • Area Abu Hamour
  • Country Qatar


  • School ID: 5633
  • Fees: AVG Fees QR28,942/Year
  • School Classifications: International Schools
  • School Levels: Kindergarten | Primary | Preparatory | Secondary
  • Gender: Girls
  • Curriculum : British
  • Language: English
  • AVG Nursery Monthly Fees: Not Available
  • AVG KG Annual Fees: 25000 Qr - 30000 Qr
  • AVG Primary Annual Fees: 25000 Qr - 30000 Qr
  • AVG Preparatory Annual Fees: 30000 Qr - 35000 Qr
  • AVG Secondary Annual Fees: 40000 Qr - 45000 Qr
  • KG1 Fees: 24,308 QAR
  • KG2 Fees: 25,761 QAR
  • Grade/Year 1 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 2 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 3 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 4 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 5 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 6 Fees: 24,704 QR
  • Grade/Year 7 Fees: 27,610 QR
  • Grade/Year 8 Fees: 27,610 QR
  • Grade/Year 9 Fees: 27,610 QR
  • Grade/Year 10 Fees: 36,330 QR
  • Grade/Year 11 Fees: 36,330 QR
  • Grade/Year 12 Fees: 43,595 QR

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